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Warranty Policy & How to Complete A Warranty.Updated 2 years ago

We have a limited one (1) year warranty on materials and workmanship and a lifetime warranty on the buckle assemblies and baseplates.

Claim Checklist

Must be the original purchaser of the product
Have the original purchase receipt (no exceptions)
Damage not caused by impact or wear and tear 

By making a warranty claim I acknowledge that I am the original purchaser of this product and can support this with the original purchase receipt from an authorized Fix dealer. I understand that damage caused by impact or wear and tear is not covered by this warranty, but maybe repaired at a reasonable cost. Any form of glue of lock tight used on our product voids any and all warranty. 

What is NOT Covered

Stripped ladders
Damage by impact including damage from a chairlift
Scratches, chips, dents, or any other cosmetic damage
Cut or torn EVA padding
Damage to strap fabric caused by boot eyelets
Damage to boots or boards
Lost parts
Softened flex of injected components
Sheared off components such as forward lean adjusters
Damage incurred in shipping
Purchasing the wrong size binding for your boots
Product purchased from eBay, Craiglist, Facebook marketplace, etc…
Abuse, misuse, or tampering will automatically void the warranty

Making a Claim

Ok, so you’ve determined that you have a legitimate claim; what’s next? The first step is to email [email protected] with the following information. Any omission will result in delays, so please be sure to include everything in the body of the email:

1. Name
3. Phone Number (for shipping purposes)
4. Proof of Purchase (Receipt, invoice) – must show the retailer's location and purchase date
5. Model / Size / Color / Year of the bindings
6. Image of the entire binding
7. Image of the damage in question


Please use common sense when making a claim. Tiny nicks to your straps, foam padding, or a scratch on the plastic is not a legitimate claim. Customers with legitimate claims with be dealt with quickly to the best of our ability with the parts available. Aggressive, nasty, and unreasonable emails will not be tolerated. Fix Bindings Inc reserves the right to deny warranty claims at its discretion.

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