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How do I Remove my FootbedUpdated 2 years ago

Knowing how to remove your footbeds is crucial, whether it's for on-hill adjustments, mounting, or replacing, we've got you covered here.

You will need to remove your bindings from your board to remove your footbeds. Once your bindings are off your board and in your hands you can flip them over and you will see 4 slots/ holes where the EVA footbed clips into. This is going to be a pop-push-pop method. You are going to start by grabbing the toe of the binding and pulling up firmly until you hear 2 pops, you can flip the binding over to confirm they have released. If you are just mounting or adjusting your hardware you can stop here. From there, you will push firmly on the EVA footbed to slide the rear clips back until they can be popped out. Again, you can flip the binding over to confirm this. Next, You will grab firmly on the heel of the EVA footbed, pulling firmly up until you hear 2 pops.

See our Mounting video HERE for more in-depth instructions.

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