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How do I Adjust my Toe/ Ankle StrapsUpdated 2 years ago

it is super important your toe and ankle straps are adjusted correctly. it prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your boots, comfortability within your bindings, and helps prevent ladder stripping or slipping due to over adjusting 

There and 2 primary adjustments for your toe and ankle straps the lateral and verticle adjustments.

*You will need to have your binding off of the snowboard. You will also need the dampening pad removed 

Toe: For your lateral adjustment, ensure your straps are open. From there you should be able to firmly grip the toe adjuster/ladder and push downwards with pressure. You will feel pressure release as it has now come out of its slot. from there you have 2 adjustment options you can have it sit more towards your heel if you have smaller feet, or more towards your toe if your feet are larger 

Toe AND Ankle: For your verticle adjustment, you should have your boot in your binding. You will want to make sure both the adjuster and ladder straps are done up. You will want to slowly adjust your adjuster strap and ladder strap bit by bit on each side. This should ensure the ladder and adjuster straps have an even amount of extra strap showing on either side.

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