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Mounting, Adjusting, And Repairing Your Bindings?

How do I mount my Fix bindings?

First time mounting your snowboard bindings yourself? Or maybe it's just your first time mounting your new pair of Fix bindings? Either way, we've got you covered. Grab a few tools, and follow along with the video below. Still have questions after wa

How do I Adjust my Toe/ Ankle Straps

it is super important your toe and ankle straps are adjusted correctly. it prevents unnecessary wear and tear on your boots, comfortability within your bindings, and helps prevent ladder stripping or slipping due to over adjusting. There and 2 primar

How do I Remove my Footbed

Knowing how to remove your footbeds is crucial, whether it's for on-hill adjustments, mounting, or replacing, we've got you covered here. You will need to remove your bindings from your board to remove your footbeds. Once your bindings are off your b

What Mounting Systems Are Your Bindings Compatible With?

MEN'S/WOMENS/UNISEX. 4x4, 4X2, Chanel system. * Does not include old 3D (3-hole) mounting compatibility. Our Junior Bindings come with two different mounting styles:. NEXT. 4x4, 2x4. Chanel system. * Does not include old 3D (3-hole) mounting compatib

How Do I Replace My Toe/ Ankle, Ladders/Adjusters

Purchased a new set of ladders for a new season, and not sure how to change them? We've got what you need right here. See our Youtube video HERE for more in-depth instructions. For fully injected base trays. To replace your ladders, you will need; a

How Do I Replace My Buckles?

To replace your buckle you will need a Phillips #2 screwdriver and your new set of buckles. You are going to simply unscrew the screw that holds your buckle into the strap. The buckle will take some finessing to get the hook, un-hooked once the screw

How To Adjust My Highback Forward Lean

So you want to adjust the bindings forward lean? This simple, tool-free process can be done at home or on the hill. To start, you are going to take a look at the highback of your bindings. You will see the forward lean adjuster here, you simply need

I Need Spare Parts, But Don't See Them In Your Part's Section?

We have a limited supply of spare parts, and not all spare parts are listed on the site as the varients, colorway, and size options are vast yet very small quantities. Please refer to our warranty page here to see whether or not you qualify for warra

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